About Us:

Life Coaching is a service based on increasing self-awareness and expanding life skills. Instead of focusing on what's WRONG, we believe that maximizing what's RIGHT is the foundation for success.

Natural differences in personalities don't need to be fixed or changed. Encouraging people to embrace who THEY truly are makes them more willing to accept what OTHERS say and do. Working together facilitates accomplishment, and supporting each other creates success.

Infinity uses the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator personality profile system to help people understand human behavior and what it means in daily life.

*Their own thoughts and feelings start to make complete and total sense!

*Things that might have previously looked or felt like weaknesses suddenly start to feel like a strength.

*Other people's words and actions that might have been upsetting or confusing before suddenly become something enjoyable and impressive!  

MBTI Profile and 1-Hour Life Coaching Session*

$ 250 USD

 *In-Person, Phone, and Skype Available