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How is Life Coaching different from conventional therapy, counseling, or psychology? It's our job to help you define your goals. When you begin to learn what's right about you, instead of what's wrong, your outlook on life changes. When your perspective changes, your approach to life changes. When your approach changes, your life changes. Let us teach you how to discover what makes you happy and create it in your life.  How is Infinity different from other Life Coaching programs?  Find out today!


Our Services


One-on-One Coaching: Individual sessions with a Life Coach 

Life Coaching Classes: Group meetings based on specific themes and subjects of interest

Business Lectures: Conferences for company employees and business owners addressing common questions and specific concerns relevant to the work environment

Seminars: Presentations discussing various questions and themes about self-awareness and personal growth

Special Programs: Communication Coaching that teaches how to speak and listen more effectively 

Tool: Myers-Briggs Personality Test


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 We are offering FREE ADMISSION* to a series of  Self-Help Seminars at King County Libraries. The topics to be covered will include:

            Proactive Conflict Resolution

            Communication Styles and Techniques

            Productive Goal Setting

            Relationship Dynamics and Social Energy

            Managing Various Personality Types

            The Power of the Subconscious

            Time Management and Structure

            Creating Peace and Finding Contentment


 Next Seminar*:

                       March, 2015
    "Maximizing Emotional Resources" 

                   *Admission to free events based on seating 
                  availability and preregistration.
          Call for more details including upcoming dates,
          times, and locations of all current community